Diploma recognition

LEK (National Medical Exam) and LDEK (National Dentist Exam) online courses will also prepare you for the recognition of a diploma!

Please remember! LEK and LDEK online courses preparing to the recognition of a diploma are conducted in Polish. 🇵🇱

How we prepare you to recognition of diploma?

Sign up to LEK or LDEK online course!

🎓 Our materials cover the entire scope of the clinical subjects

🗓 Ready learning plan helps you in systematizing knowledge

🖥 E-learning platform lets you spot the missing knowledge

❓ Moderators will answer all your questions


Recognition of diploma first, then LEK/LDEK!

Continue learning with us!

After the recognition of diploma, you need to take LEK or LDEK exam.

We offer 50% discount for all of your following course purchases!

Proven results!

We have successfully helped a number of people in their preparations to the recognition of a diploma. They focused on learning instead of searching for information in multiple coursebooks!

Chcesz dobrze zdać egzamin?

Nasze kursy do LEK-u i LDEK-u to sprawdzony sposób na lepszy wynik!📈

Starannie wyselekcjonowane materiały, gotowy plan pracy, systematyzacja wiedzy – z nami możesz skupić się na tym, co najważniejsze – swojej nauce! 🎓